Development and Infrastructure

We are overtaxing our infrastructure and undertaxing overseas/out-of-state investors.

It is painful to see the constituents of District C priced out of the neighborhoods they built so many years ago, as property taxes rise - and with little to no accountability by the city.

The infrastructure in the district is crumbling from unchecked high-density development, and overseas investors - who do not live in these properties even part-time, and do not pay the same taxes as residents - artificially inflate property values, property taxes, rent prices, and so forth. This practice has been causing a housing bubble in other major cities, but Houston should and could be better than this.

Furthermore, until the infrastructure in District C is addressed and properly upgraded, new development (which frequently overloads century-old utility lines and sewers, as high-density developers tap four or more structures into lines that previously serviced one single-family home on the property) must be regulated and taxed appropriately.

These artificially inflated values and taxes affect not only property owners, but also businesses and renters. The amount of turnover - both on a residential and commercial level - in our district is unacceptable, and we have nothing to show for it but half-empty high-rises, shuttered local businesses, and inexplicably crumbling roads, sewers, and general infrastructure.

I will find out where your increasingly exorbitant taxes are going, and ensure they will be going to the right place. If a business or an individual is paying six figures in taxes per year, it should be ensured that there should at least be flood control in return.